Simple, Joint or Complex; Divorce can be stressful and we are here to help you during this stressful times. We at Singhal Law take care of the legalities attached to Divorce and work to make sure that you deserve what is rightfully yours. Equalization and Financial Disclosure are the most important aspects of Family Law and our experience in handling most complex issues assist our clients in adopting the right course of action for them.


If you are going through divorce or separation, feel free to get in touch with Singhal Law today to know your rights.


Parenting Time and Decision Making


Just like Divorce can be stressful, similarly parenting time and decision making is sensitive and can become more stressful without the right approach. That’s why Singhal Law will take all the steps to bring a positive result to your ongoing problems of parenting time and decision making responsibilities and will handle your matter with utmost care and responsibility.


We believe in preparing a providing a positive road map to our clients to help them resolve the parenting time and decision-making issues during and after the breakdown of the relationships.